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Exploring Magical Scuba Diving Holidays in Oman

scuba diving oman

“The Deeper you Go……the Better it Feels”

This is what we feel when diving and exploring the beautiful life underwater. If you are passionate about scuba diving, Oman is the idyllic destination to go for. The location is famous for its exceptionally diverse marine life and a wide number of marine cliffs, bays, and caves. The most popular and well liked diving destinations around the capital Muscat are- Al Fahil Island, Al Khayran, Al Makbara Bay, Salalah, Mirbat and Musandam.

Diving sites at the Hallaniyat Islands are relatively untouched and divers can explore new sites every time they dive. A wonderful variety of rays, moray eels and nudibranch along with the large group of turtles, and dozens of fish schools will just make your day. Salalah waters are known for being unusual, during the Khareef season.

Musandam is well-known for its enlivening drift diving due to the fjords squeezing the water through the narrow passengers created by the cliffs. Coral covered drop offs plunging to the depth attracts pelagic visitors. Diving here is best suited for the experienced divers.

The best part of diving in Muscat is that divers of all experience levels can enjoy diving and have an enjoyable experience. Basically, there are few currents and dives range in depth, along with coral flanked stony walls. Plankton rich waters attract wide amount of marine life that even includes pelagic species.

But if you are planning to visit the diving destinations at the end of the year, don’t do so. Due to local prevailing conditions, dive sites are only open to divers seasonally from October to May. Diving every day in such locations might not be possible because sometimes the centres remain operational.

Diving in Oman will be of more fun when accompanied by friends. But before you start with your journey, it’s better to sum up a list of diving destinations that you are keen to explore in Oman. It is not at all possible to cover all the diving spots in your first trip, so it is better to plan accordingly.

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